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College Football Coaches Love to Recruit Wrestlers: 

Alabama’s Football Coach Nick Saban and Ohio State’s Football Coach Urban Meyer have both commented on how they love recruiting wrestlers for their programs. University of Iowa's current offensive line consists of all High School Wrestling Heavyweight State Medalists.

Some NFL Players Who Wrestled:

Seam McDermott (Head Coach) Buffalo Bills

Stephen Neal (OG) New England Patriots

Ted Bruschi (LB) New England Patriots

Adam Vinatieri (Kicker) NE Patriots/IND Colts

Archie Griffin (HB) Cincinnati Bengals (2X Heisman Trophy)

Tim Green (DE) Atlantic Falcons

Roddy White (WR) Atlanta Falcons

Dave Pollack (LB) Atlanta Falcons

Ray Lewis (LB) Baltimore Ravens

Warren Sapp (DT) Tampa Bay Bucs

Rhonde Barber (DB) Tampa Bay Bucs

Tiki Barber (RB) NY Giants

Bo Jackson (RB) LA Raiders

Matt Millen (LB) Oakland Raiders

Jim Plunkett (QB) Oakland Raiders

Larry Czonka (RB) Miami Dolphins

Mark Schlereth (OL) Washington Redskins

Chuck Noll (Head Coach) Pittsburgh Steelers


Mike Golic (DE) Philadelphia Eagles (host

of “Mike and Mike in the Morning”)



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